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About Epic Trails Cattle Drives


Cattle Drive in motionHowdy pardner. Read (and ride!) along and see why Esquire Magazine and Fineliving.com have designated Epic Trails Authentic Montana Cattle Drives one of the most critically acclaimed cattle drives in the world. Epic Trails Cattle Drives are set on traditional working cattle ranches - not on a dude ranch or some fancy dancy resort. It's the real thing... a 29,000 acre working cattle ranch right smack dab in the middle of the most beautiful big sky country you will ever see.

Folks come from all walks of life to learn what it's like to live the life of a real cowhand. You will learn to ride herd, throw a lasso and round-up strays. You will experience a whole new perspective as you view the panorama and you will actually help round-up and move more than 250 head of cattle across prairie, between coulees and through farmland.

A Week On A Cattle Drive


Family on cattle drive trailIt all begins as you arrive Sunday afternoon. The rest of the day is filled with getting acquainted with your new surroundings and new friends. The most important new friend is, of course, your horse. A ranch horse will be matched to your riding ability and an experienced cowhand will instruct you how to saddle, bridle and take care of your new "buddy". The remaining time will be used to set up your tent and get settled in for the night. A wonderful cowboy dinner and campfire will mark the closing of the day.

Monday morning comes quick, up at the crack of dawn to begin your first day as a cowhand. There's no lounging; a quick cup of coffee, saddle your horse, break camp, relax briefly as you enjoy breakfast, jump on your horse and the round-up begins.

Before you know it, it's time for lunch. With the cattle rounded-up and half a day's work under your belt, it's time to relax. A couple of hours to rest the horses and cattle and it's off again. You'll ride a few more hours 'til it's time to call it a day. But the night has just begun! After a marvelous dinner, stories around the campfire will set the stage for a lively evening. Don't forget, though - early to bed, early to rise.

This same schedule will pretty much be followed throughout the remaining visit.

2015 Cattle Drives

Riders on hill May 23 - May 30
Whitewater, Montana
This is a real western experience, no electricity or telephones and we'll camp out in one spot all week. You'll actively participate in driving cattle on a 29,000-acre ranch. We will be trailing 250 cow and calf pairs, which may also include branding and cutting. This is a trip for those who really want to rough it. Tents are required. Note: People flying will leave May 31st in the afternoon from Great Falls Airport* (see flight information below).

May 31 - June 6
Bear Paw Mountains, Beavercreek Park, Havre, Montana
Beautiful vistas and trail rides in legendary Montana country. Trailing 250 head of cattle to summer pasture. Gather cattle to trail. Working the cattle chutes. Additional scenic riding and ranch work. Tents are required.

August 30 - September 5
Bear Paw Mountains, Beavercreek Park, Havre, Montana
Beautiful vistas and trail rides in legendary Montana country. Gathering 250 head of cattle and trailing back to the home ranch. We work from three ranches. Sorting the cattle. Working the cattle chutes. Separating bulls out of the herd and preparing cattle for sale of calves. Move cattle to new pastures. Additional scenic riding and ranch work. Beautiful campground. Tents are required.

September 6 - September 11
Bear Paw Mountains, Beavercreek Park, Havre, Montana
Beautiful vistas and trail rides in legendary Montana country. We work from three ranches. Pre-condition calves. Sorting the bulls for Fall pasture. Lots of riding over expansive terrain. Working the cattle chutes. Return cattle back to Ranch. Beautiful campground. Tents are required.

Featured as a "...once-in-a-lifetime experience..." on Fineliving.com which was voted Best New Company of 2002 at the American Business Awards hosted by Charles Osgood, host of CBS News Sunday Morning

Voted "...one of the top adventures in the world..." in the feature front-cover May 2000 issue of Esquire Magazine

End of day - Cowboy BootsPricing:
$1000 - Basic Fee
$950 - If you do not require transportation to the ranch
$900 - Bringing your own tent and providing your own transportation
$700 - Bringing your own tent, transportation, and horse

The adventure begins with the first meal Sunday (supper) and ends with the last meal Saturday (breakfast). Please bring your own beer, wine, liquor, etc.

A $450.00 deposit per person is required and due January 1, 2015. Deposit is non-refundable after April 1, 2015. Deposits/Payment (check, money order, wire transfer only)

*Flights :
(All Cattle Drives Guests need to fly into Great Falls by Noon Sunday) Great Falls International Airport

Deposits Mailed to:
Penny Nicholls: 16719 Redmond Way Redmond, WA 98052

Contact Information:
Penny: 425.861.9969 or 425.895.9731.
Connie Cox: 425.846.1405
E-mail: rawhide001@gmail.com Web site: Epic Trails Cattle Drives

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Suggested Items to Bring

Other Personal Gear

Note: No alcoholic beverages will be supplied by Epic Trails Cattle Drives. BYOB

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